National resource robototronics center opens in Minsk

National resource robototronics center opens in Minsk

The National resource robototronics center on the basis of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University has opened in Minsk.

The rooms are equipped with computers and educational robots. The main aim of the project is to prepare future pedagogues to work in the high-tech sector, so that they could then give their knowledge to students. Hat is more, young geniuses will also be able to study in the center.

Educational courses for children from 8 years old will be organized here.

Alexander Zhuk, Rector of the educational institution Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank:
We must work ahead. One of the tasks of our center is to work in the spirit of time, in the spirit of modern trends. Educational robotronics have a big teaching potential and developing potential.

Stepan Dekhtyarik, teacher of robotronics school:
Here I can realize myself as a teacher and as a programmer, what I like doing. What is more, I can simply pass the knowledge to the growing generation.

Maksim Klimovich, students of robotronics school:
Every day we came here in June and July to prepare for the World Olympiad in Washington. Sometimes there were interesting situations when we came home and our parents were telling us to stop.

The center is a successful example of state and private partnership.

The sponsor support summed about to about 55 thousand dollars.