Ichak Adizes becomes co-founder of fintech start-up in Belarus

Ichak Adizes becomes co-founder of fintech start-up in Belarus

Recognized world expert on business processes, Ichak Adizes, joined the board of directors and co-founded CopPay, a Belarusian-based company. . This happened after a meeting with the startup team, according to the business guru's blog.

The founder of the Institute of Consulting and ex-consultant of Bank of America and Sberbank of Russia Ichak Adizes admitted that he discovered the crypto-currency world thanks to CopPay. Adizes plans to make the project "one of the most effective in the world".

"People need a virtual terminal, thanks to which it is possible to buy goods for bitcoins simply and cheaply and purchase real-time crypto currency for cash. CopPay has created such an application," Ichak Adizes says. "Bitcoin crosses the political boundaries electronically and can become a global currency."

Adizes noted that Japan, Germany, Holland, Estonia and many other countries are already considering the possibility of legalizing crypto-currencies - therefore, there is a need for such projects as CopPay on the market.

In the spring of 2017, the Belarusian venture investor Vladimir Serzhanovich together with businessman Pavel Kazachyonok and programmer Timur Kornienko created Blockchain Consensus Lab, in which they developed virtual payment terminals CopPay. In September, the fintech startup successfully completed the preliminary round of the ICO, which raised $500,000.

The company's terminals are already installed in Belarus and Chile and accept four types of crypto-currency.