Azarenka: Billy McKeague disrespects me


Azarenka: Billy McKeague disrespects me

In August 2017, Victoria Azarenka broke up with her boyfriend Bill McKeague, with whom she has baby son Leo. She did not just part with him, but was immediately involved in a lawsuit because of the right for child custody. McKeague accused the Belarusian of an attempt to kidnap Leo - the situation took a very unexpected turn.

However, Azarenka quickly issued a conciliatory statement in which she said that intends to take steps to resolve the conflict together with Leo's father. Four months has passed, but nothing has changed. The court did not decide who to give the child to, and Azarenka is still tied to California - under the court's order, Leo should not leave the state's territory. For this reason, the tennis player misses the tournaments one by one, including the US Open and the Fed Cup final in Minsk, in which Aryna Sabalenka and Aliaksandra Sasnovich shined instead.


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Azarenka supports team Belarus at Fed Cup 2017 final via internet

And for some reason Victoria is losing weight. This is noted by everyone, including captain of the national team of Belarus Eduard Dubrov.

And now a new flash. Azarenka broke silence on the litigation. It seems that everything is very difficult.

These are the four latest tweets from Vika.

"When you see a guy disrespecting a woman in front of his father and father doesn’t say anything... does it say more about the guy or about his father and how he raised his son?"

"Or when the guy disrespect a woman in front of his mother and mother is laughing watching his actions... does that say more about the guy or about the way mother raised her son?"

"And how do you call the guy who can never tell you anything to your face, but so cocky to bark from the distance and getting in his car and leave?"

"And what do you do when you deal with people like this?... You pray for them"