Six players who are too good for FC BATE. Will they leave the club soon?


Six players who are too good for FC BATE. Will they leave the club soon?

The Europa League match vs Crvena Zvezda is a huge chance for some BATE players to show their worth and move to stronger clubs.

This season is one of the most difficult for Belarus' FC BATE in recent years. The team could stay without European competitions in 2017 and miss out on the champion's title, but it seems that everything will have a happy end. In August, BATE managed to qualify for the Europa League group and still have a chance for the playoffs. And in order to once again take the gold in the national championship, on Sunday BATE must not lose to one of underdogs FC Gorodeya.

Despite the ups and downs, some BATE players this year looked great and deserve a place in stronger clubs.

Maxim Volodko

Position: defender

Age: 25 years old

Statistics for BATE in all tournaments: 38 matches, 4 goals

Cost for 1.3 million euros

Max Volodko still dribbles with the ball, but loses the ball much more rarely. Maxim added not only to efficiency, but also became physically stronger. It became evident that Volodko is good for moving to a higher level in October 2017 after quite successful matches of the Belarus national team against the Netherlands and France. The defender's game impressed Italian scouts so much that BATE received an official request for a transfer from the Serie A.

Mikhail Gordeychuk

Position: forward

Age: 28 years old

Statistics for BATE in all tournaments: 39 matches, 23 goals

Cost for 1.8 million euros

This season, Mikhail may become the best scorer of the Belarus championship. He is the player who scored more than 16 goals (this is the first time in ten years in the Belarus Premier League). Gordeychuk already has 18. This is Mikhail's personal record. Last winter the Turkish club Gençlerbirliği wanted to see Mikhail but the boss of BATE did not accept the transfer price. A few hundred thousand dollars is not the money for which BATE owner Anatoly Kapsky was ready to part with the winger. The boss guessed right, and this season is the best for Gordeychuk in Borisov. Now Mikhail looks much more attractive in the transfer market than a year ago.

Mirko Ivanic

Position: midfielder

Age: 24 years old

Statistics for BATE in all tournaments: 38 matches, 8 goals

Cost for 1.2 million euros

BATE paid Vojvodina a million euros for Mirko. Ivanic took time to adapt. He really showed himself only in the second half of this season. By the beginning of the Champions League qualification, the BATE coaching staff began using the 4-2-3-1 game system, in which the Montenegrin international is the classic "10" (before Mirko had to perform as an insider, a central midfielder, and an attacker). He sparkled and became a real leader of the team. Ivanic was especially good in the 2017/18 Europa League matches having scored 5 (4+1) points (goal + pass) in six games. He scored three against Ukrainian Alexandria and took BATE into the EL group stage.

He scored one against Arsenal.

Denis Polyakov

Position: defender

Age: 26

Statistics for BATE in all tournaments: 32 matches, 2 goals

Cost for Transfermarket. de: 1.5 million euros

Denis has already been at BATE for the sixth season. The defender, who is able to play both in the center and on the flanks of the defense, has long been good for moving to a stronger club. Polyakov does not hide his ambitions. Interest in the player was shown by both Russian and French clubs. But the leaders of Borisov, who at one time spent 600,000 to transfer of the defender, are waiting for a more advantageous offer. Maybe APOEL from Cyprus will satisfy the requests?

Nemanja Milunovic

Position: defender

Age: 28 years old

Statistics for BATE in all tournaments: 30 matches, 3 goals

Cost for 1.8 million euros

According to Instat, Milunovic became the best player of the first round of the Belarusian championship. A calm, uncompromising defender, who has an excellent first pass, may be spending the last season at BATE. Nemanja has outgrown the level of the Belarusian football championship and wants to move forward. A year ago, this was hampered by an injury that left the international out of play for a long time.

Alexei Rios

Position: defender

Age: 30 years old

Statistics for BATE in all tournaments: 31 match, 5 goals

Cost for 900 thousand euros

Rios is already 30 years old and only now is he showing his true potential. This season is definitely the best in his career. Alexei has never had so many assists (9). Add to it 5 goals and we get good statistics for the wing back. BATE manager Alexander Ermakovich finally found a position that perfectly suits the Belarusian Peruvian. By the third season in Borisov Rios has gotten used to new requirements and gained confidence. He ceased to be afraid to make a mistake and began to make more dangerous passes. Midfielder Igor Stasevich even delegated to Alexei some set pieces. Probably, such guys are needed in the championship of Greece? At least the agent of the football player does not hide that the clubs there are showing interest.

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