Gdynia shooter loses job, friends raising money for him

Gdynia shooter loses job, friends raising money for him

The club of Gdansk shooters Ardea has announced a campaign to collect money to help the Belarusian Stepan Svidersky. They want to help the Belarusian who lost his job after the shooting incident a week ago.

Stepan Svidersky has lived in Poland for more than 10 years. He studied in Poland under the Kalinouski program, then worked in the Gdynia office of the international corporation Thomson Reuters.

As previously reported, November 14, Svidersky came to work after exercises at a shooting range. He carried a long-barreled gun, as well as a Glock pistol. Note that the man had permission for the weapons.

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According to one version, one of those present in the office tried to snatch the gun from Svidersky, after which two shots were made. No one was hurt. The police detained Svidersky. The prosecutor's office accused him of attempted murder. At the time of the investigation, the court released the Belarusian from custody.

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In an interview with Euroradio after leaving prison, Stepan Svidersky said that his actions contributed to public policy.

The shooters of the sports club Ardea claim that it's Svidersky who suffered as a result, although it was he who shot. According to them, the Belarusian was attacked and his weapon was taken away from him, and then he was deprived of good name. The club is now collecting money for the Belarusian through the Internet - to pay a lawyer and just for life, since Svidersky lost his job after the incident.

The club's page reads: "What happened to Stepan could happen to each of us. Every day we go with weapons, someone can try to take it away, and we must not let it happen."

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