Belarusians open confectionery in Poland’s Gdansk

Belarusians open confectionery in Poland’s Gdansk

A couple from Minsk had a dream to open their own baking business. Olga and Dmitry Dolzhevskiye did everything to make their dream come true. And finally it came true.

The couple opened their own confectionery Cukiernia Le Délice in the Polish town of Gdansk. What sis more, their confectionery is the best in town. The couple says that winning in the competition “Champions of taste”, which was held by the local newspaper Dziennik Bałtycki, was a surprise for them. The couple is not planning to stop just there, they intend expanding their business.

The couple couldn’t chose for a long time where they would like to set up a business. Having done everything they could in Belarus, they decided to move on and the choice fell on Poland.

“First we chose the four possible cities where to we would like to move-Vrotslav, Warsaw, Gdansk and Krakov. Gdansk was the best variant for us”.

The couple had to begin their life from scratch in Poland, they did not have any friends or acquaintances there. Of course, it influenced the development of business.

“If a new place opens in Belarus, buyers are interested to see what this place is.

In Poland it is the other way round, if they are used to buying cakes in a confectionery on the opposite side of the road, they will continue going there. ”

The couple tried all the possible variants of attracting buyers, in the end they understood that it is easier for the Poles to buy something for one grosh. The Belarusian couple admits that there were moments of disappointment , but they moved on.

“We did everything we could because our children were with us and it made our moving even more difficult”.

Olga is thein charge of the desserts at the confectionery, her husband is a lawyer, he bakes croissants and buns. Their working day begins at 4am and end late in the evening.

“I don’t know how we have time to do everything”, smiles Olga.

The choice of delicious desserts and buns in the confectionery is certainly impressive. The guests are treated to cherry cakes «forêt noire», fruit cakes, pies and ice-cream. Now the couple is preparing for the Christmas celebrations.

“We are going to introduce a new line of cakes for the winter season with the aroma of caramel, cinnamon, with plums, chocolate and orange peel”.

“In Poland we orientate at Polish buyers, we choose typical desserts for the region. Nevertheless, we are trying to get them used to Belarusian treats as well. We have zefir (marshmallow), the recipe of which I was developing for a whole year. Even the Belarusian consular in Gdansk came to our confectionery. The employees of the consulate often come to us and order cakes. ”

There are no limits for perfection. The couple is currently hoping to expand their business more. They are planning to open a franchise and may be to begin cooperating with someone from Europe. May be to organize a confectionery like this one in Germany and to expand the assortment of desserts in Gdansk.

“We are at the very beginning of our long way”, explains Dmitry.

Ideally, we want to open a confectionery where everyone will find something to their liking. Therefore, we have where to develop. And when we finally decide to have a holiday, we will go to Belarus: it is very interesting to see how things have changed over there. 

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