New electric transport on the cards in Belarus?

New electric transport on the cards in Belarus?

Today we live in a high-tech world, things do not stay at one place, something new appears, some things are modernized.

In August of the current year the National Sciences Academy presented a Belarusian electric car. At the end of the 20th century electric cars were put up for sale for the first time. For some period they took the leading positions in the car market business. Nevertheless, due to the slow speed of “charging”, electric cars were pushed out of the streets. But is this experiment a fail?

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Certainly not, world car makes as Ford, Nissan, BMW, Renault and others have started producing electric cars. However, the American company Tesla is in the lead.

With no doubts it can be said that electric cars are in fashion today. Nevertheless, there are other possibilities for using electric engines, which will solve numerous problems outside the automobile sector. Many people travel by public transport to work, but some do not even think that trams and electric trains are the same as electric cars. These transports do not have to stand in traffic and it is a great plus.

The transport of tomorrow must be efficient, safe and eco-friendly. Belarusian engineers have new developments to boast of in this sector. The company “SkyWay Technologies” has come up with something unique an unusual.

The engineers have developed a string transport system.

In the basis of the project is a special string rail, along which the so-called electro cars will be moving. The main difference from other public transport is that SkyWay transport systems will be using the area over the roads. The idea is to take the best from public and personal transport. Comfort is the main principle of SkyWay.

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Unibus electronic vehicles can be a worthy rival for Tesla in practically all the parameters from comfort to safety.

The safety of the transport is provided by intellectual systems of management with using the most modern technologies of diagnostics and control of the environment.

The development of such vehicles will help to avoid the disadvantages an ordinary electronic car has. What is more, a special program will be controlling the movement of every vehicle and it will also be able to take over the control depending on the situation.

In order to have the situation under total control, the engineers of SkyWay are developing a system of computer vision. It is meant for controlling the interferences on the road and the quality of the road. Primarily, string transport will be convenient for passengers. It will basically be like a car, but you won’t have to look at the road in front of you and steer a car wheel. What is more, SkyWay Technologies are also developing variants of individual transport- a unubike, there are unicars for 18 people, unibuses for 14 people and birail unibuses for 28 people.