Radiation level in Belarus remains stable

Radiation level in Belarus remains stable

As for November 21, 2017, the radiation situation on the territory of Belarus is stable. This information was announced by Belgidromet (the Belarusian Hydrometeorology station).

The information was published due to the information which appeared in the mass media. The media made references to Rosgidromet (the Russian Hydrometeorology station), which announced that a radioactive cloud has appeared over the territory of Europe with nuclide ruthenium-106. The forecasters spoke about the increase of radiation level in October, when Rosgidromet registered the excess of the radiation level by nearly 986 times in the Southern Urals.

However, Rosgidromet explained that the level of radiation was nowhere near dangerous level. Belgidromet says that thanks to the precise equipment, nonthreatening radiation activity signs were registered only on October 3-5 in Braslav and Pinsk.

Nevertheless, these signs do not pose any danger for the environment and people. It is necessary to say that the radiation level in the atmosphere of Belarus is monitored every day. The Ministry of Nature also announced that registered excess of radiation has no threat for people and nature.

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