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Only child should not be conscripted, Belarus President says

The death of private Alexander Korzhich as a result of hazing in the Pechi military unit caused lots of discussions in the media and among ordinary Belarusians. The Belarus head of state is personally reported on the progress of the investigation, from three separate sources. The commander-in-chief himself was once an ordinary soldier. The only son of the motherm he defended the Belarusian border. Now the President wants to protect mothers who lost their children in the army.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We used to have a rule: if there is one child in the family, they are not conscripted. It is necessary to maybe return to this practice. This is the only son, the only support, the only hope. If this only child does want to serve in the army, well, let them serve.   

Alexander Lukashenko ordered to allow Alexander Korzhich's mother to participate in the investigation into the death in Pechi.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We in Belarus have always been proud that we do not have hazing. I am far from thinking that this is a dark spot on the whole army, as some opponents write on the Internet. This is your inaptness, General Ravkov. I hoped that you could cope with these questions, but you did not see them under your nose, in Borisov. This is categorically unacceptable for you as a minister.

Korzhich's mother is an absolutely sane and understanding person. I do not know how I would react to it. God forbid that someone goes through it. But she told my representative that she does not want anyone to be punished unfairly. I ordered the Prosecutor General and the KGB chairman to communicate with her, to let her partake in the investigation and they must answer all her questions.

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