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Why did Alexei Rios refuse to play for Peru?

FC BATE midfielder Alexei Rios remembered why he rejected an invitation to play for the national team of Peru.

- Did you regret that you had refused the offer of the national team of Peru after they qualified for the World Cup 2018?

No. I have lived all my life in Belarus. This is my main homeland. And the second one is Peru. It just happened this way.

- Do you expect to get somewhere with Belarus national team?

- I believe in it. It will be hard, of course. But we must work. Peruvians last qualified for the World Cup long ago.

- Were coaches in Peru upset that you chose the national team of Belarus?

- On Facebook, there is a page that was created by Peruvian fans. They constantly say that they would like to see me in the team. But not everything depended on me and them. Not everything was so simple. However, there were some conversations. I preferred to play for the national team of Belarus.

Personal messages from fans from Peru also come to me. These messages do not differ from those written by Belarusians. I try to answer them. I'm not perfect in Spanish. But I do understand it. Moreover, I can use an online translator," Rios said.

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Alexei Rios