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Helena Meraai to sing 5th at Junior Eurovison Song Contest 2017

The draw for the Junior Eurovision 2017 has been made and Belarus, represented by Helena Meraai, will be fifth in the final.  

It is reported that the final order of the contestants' performances was approved today by the European Broadcasting Union.

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The first to appear on the stage is Cypriot Nicole Nicolaou, and the Italian Maria Iside Fiore will close the contest program.

The first phase of the voting on the contest website will begin on November 24 and will end on November 26 a minute before the start of the show. To take part in the voting, the user will need to watch the videos of all the participants of the final. At the end of the performance, the voting will resume for 15 minutes.

16 countries take part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017, which will be held in Tbilisi. Belarus will be represented by the 14-year-old Minsk girl Helena Meraai with the song "I am the one", which she will sing in Russian.

Georgia won the last Junior Eurovision Song Contest, while Belarus became 7th. The Belarus capital Minsk will host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2018.

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Belarus to sing 5th at Junior Eurovison Song Contest 2017