Azarenka’s signed racket and trainers to be sold at charity auction


Azarenka’s signed racket and trainers to be sold at charity auction

A lot has been going on in the world of tennis in Belarus lately. Not so long ago Minsk hosted the Fed Cup 2017 where team Belarus played against the USA.

The matches turned out to be very tough for both the teams, however, luck was on the side of the USA and they beat Belarus with a score 2:3. The Fed Cup 2017 final attracted attention of many tennis fans from all over the world. What is more, Alexander Lukashenko was among them, and before the matches he expressed his words of support to team Belarus.

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The heartbreaking news was that the star of Belarusian tennis Victoria Azarenka wasn’t able to participate in the international tournament connected with child custody over her son Leo.


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Nevertheless, besides being a truly professional tennis player, Victoria is actively involved in charity work. Interesting information appeared on the twitter account of the Belarusian Embassy in Lithuania. Diplomats were thanking Victoria for the valuable lots she presented-her tennis racket and trainers. They also invited everyone who wishes to partake in the charity auction.

“Victoria is not only a tennis player, she is a great charity supporter as well. She kindly gave her racket and trainers to the Embassy. We invite you to partake in the charity auction on December 2”, says the twit.