Belarusian confectioner takes gold at international competition

Belarusian confectioner takes gold at international competition

Svetlana Aleshkevich’s composition of sugar flowers won gold at the International Confectionary Art championship. Svetlana works at Minsk bread plant No. 5 and on November 17 the workers of the plant congratulated their worker.

It is great honor for the director of the bread plant and all the workers.

“Svetlana has once again glorified our bread plant and once again proved that she is a true professional in what she does”.

The international championship was held within the “Prodexpo-2017” fair. The confectioners competed in various nominations among which were wedding cakes, festive cakes, hand-made breads, and sugar flowers. Svetlana’s work won gold in the last nomination. Svetlana named her composition “Recognition”. The birch vase even more emphasizes the elegance of the composition.

Such hard work should certainly contain thousands of details, nevertheless, Svetlana admits that she did not even count.

“Despite the cold autumn weather outside, everyone wants spring, lightness and warmth”, explains the confectioner.

Svetlana has participated in several international competitions for confectioners and it is not the first time she wins. She participated in a championship in Germany and her work “The harmony of nature” also won in the nomination “Sugar flowers”. However, Svetlana emphasized that the work contained a lot more sugar flowers than in “Recognition”.

There are no limits for perfection. Next year Svetlana is going to partake in the World Cup of Confectionary Art which will be held in Luxemburg. Svetlana will be showing her professionalism and creativity being part of team Belarus.