Cruise motor ship Belaya Rus offers Belarusian nature tours


Cruise motor ship Belaya Rus offers Belarusian nature tours

The first Belarus' cruise ship called Belaya Rus is already in demand among Russian tourists. Sailing through Belarus you will enjoy the beauty of Belarus' nature and its villages. Prices range from 300 to 1200 euros. The tour is available from April to October.

The route is Brest - Mozyr and back. 523km of waterway passes through such towns as Kobrin, Pinsk, Turov (also spelled as Turau, the most ancient town in Belarus) and others.

The cruise is called "Pearl of Polesie" and it focuses on the nature of Belarus and aims to acquaint tourists with the remote places of Belarus.

You will visit areas where foreign guests rarely get, but which are full of their colorful sights: the Motol Museum of Folk Art, the national park Pripyatsky, the museum of Grandfather Talash, the museum of local lore Zamkovaya Gora (Castle Mountain), etc.

Almost all the tourists who visited the first Belarusian cruise are Russians.

The tour Pearl of Polesie is mainly for people of about 40-50 and older. The route from Brest to Mozyr includes an entertaining program on the shore, too.

You can also order the reverse route from Mozyr to Brest but the program will be the same.

Some changes have occurred in the entertainment program. Initially, the organizers planned more night trips on water, so that passengers could enjoy the rich program on the shore during the day. But, having studied the opinions of tourists, the organizers increased river crossings in the daytime - in the morning and in the evening, because tourists wanted to enjoy the beauties of Belarusian nature. In this regard, the program on the shore was altered a bit, but the most interesting parts remained the same.

There can be some changes due to water level in the Pripyat river. Sometimes instead of the national park Pripyatsky tourists were invited to visit the Belovezhskaya Pushcha forest.

The new season of the river tour starts on April 27, 2018 and will last, as expected, until October 27. Ticket sales are already open.

Prices remained at the level of the previous season. At the moment, 22% of all tickets for 2018 have been sold.

Ticket sales in Europe may open in the near future, too.

Representatives of travel companies from Switzerland and Norway have visited the ship Belaya Rus. Now the Belarusian side is negotiating on the sales of tickets for the "Pearl of Polesie" tour.