Ksenia Sitnik. Facts about Belarusian singer-turned-fashion journalist

Ksenia Sitnik. Facts about Belarusian singer-turned-fashion journalist

"When I won Eurovision, I was 10 years old," recalls Ksenia Sitnik. Now the girl is 22, she graduated from a private university in Prague and works as a fashion journalist.


I start mornings with oatmeal. During the day, I eat fruits (apples or bananas), oatmeal cookies, protein donuts, although I can also eat a sandwich, if I have little time. For lunch I pick salmon or tuna with salad or rice garnish, for dinner I often prefer seafood - shrimp or mussels.

I do not eat any cakes or sweets. I do not like the taste of sweets, but I really like the taste of spicy food.

Since my childhood I have tried not to overeat, to avoid fast food, but I never adhered to strict diets.

The most harmful dish on my table is fried potatoes. I know that it is better to steam food, but once a month I allow myself my favorite fried potatoes. I often eat out. I cannot call myself a fan of cooking - I cook at a level "below average."

I eat a little meat - mostly lamb, and for a year and a half I even became a vegetarian. The body did not need any meat or fish. But after some time I returned to a usual ration. With such a busy schedule, it was difficult to prepare a specific vegetarian dishes.

Hatha Yoga

My good physical form is 80 percent due to good genetics. Until I was 19 I did not pay much attention to sport, I was limited to elementary physical exercises and morning exercises.

My weight does has not changed since 15.

With a height of 162 centimeters, I weigh 40 kilograms. Often I hear comments like: "Such a skinny girl! Do you eat something at least?"

Sometimes I read rude comments in Instagram. They write that I have anorexia. But everything is fine with my health.

I want people to stop worrying about this. I'm not afraid to gain or lose a little weight. Small fluctuations is normal, but the fanatical attitude towards your appearance is always bad.

I practice hatha yoga four times a week. It develops me both spiritually and physically. During meditation I get rid of negative thoughts. In Hatha Yoga there is no definite set of asanas. The instructor decides how to build the lesson and what variations to show the group.

Like any normal person, I have moments of weakness and apathy.

Sometimes I lie at home and I'm lazy to go into to the gym: it's cold outside, and in the gym it's also hard. In such moments I remember my environment, which motivates me very much. All my friends go in for sports: some play basketball, others play tennis, others go for yoga.

About Czechs and Belarusians

In the Czech Republic, where I studied, people closely monitor their health. They refuse cars and choose bicycles instead. For four years of my student life here I did not meet any person in Prague who did not engage in any kind of sport. I am glad that people in Belarus are also starting to care more about their health.

But Belarusians have "a cult of days off." I mean that Minsk bars are always packed on the eve of the weekend.

People think that it is necessary to celebrate the end of a busy week. Perhaps this energy should be directed not at idle consumption of alcohol, but on other types of activities? I'm not saying that parties are evil, but it's better not to make them a weekly tradition.

First of all, Czechs take care of their health, and then they think about beauty. They go to the gym to stay in shape, and not just to admire their reflection in the mirror. The aesthetic moment is definitely not in the foreground. Belarusian women care much more about their appearance, even if they have less financial capacity to do so. Belarusian women are exactly one of the most beautiful in the world. In the Czech Republic, girls are not so well-groomed: for example, they can calmly neglect manicure and pedicure.

Belarusian men tend to look at attractive appearance more than Europeans. Belarusians are spoiled by so many beauties around. In Europe, every beautiful woman is delighted and receives a sea of ​​compliments. In Belarus, every second, if not every girl, is very attractive.

Work in fashion journalism

I try to sleep for 9-10 hours a day. I really appreciate the sleep and do not regret it. Although it was not always the case. In the first years of my student life I could read books until late, I did not want to go to bed until midnight, and got up very early. At the same time I normally felt myself, even after sleeping for only four hours. Now I cannot afford this and go to bed before 23.00. I understand that no care procedures or miracle cosmetics will restore the body better than sleep.

Now I'm a freelance journalist in the fashion industry. The working day does not fit into the schedule "from 8.00 to 17.00", so I try to place a lot of different things and events and are now learning time management.

Modern society requires a lot of knowledge and skills from us. It is important to continuously develop and cherish time. It seems to me that you can learn another foreign language or some musical instrument instead of those hours that you spend in social networks.

I graduated from Anglo-American University in Prague, but I do not plan to stop on one higher education.

Now almost everyone has a higher education diploma and at least speaks English. This does not surprise others anymore.

My hobby is literature. I like art and popular science books, I like psychology.

In the morning, your brain is much better at absorbing information, so I try to read or practice foreign languages ​​before work.

For now I'm literally between Belarus and the Czech Republic. There are interesting job offers in Prague. In the future, I would like to organize everything in such a way as to live in at least two or even three countries. At the same time, I really love Belarus, and it's hard for me to stay away from my family for a long time, even though I'm quite an independent person.

When I won Eurovision, I was 10 years old. Then I thought that at 22, I would have my own family, a developed career. In childhood it seems that if you are older than 20, then you are already very adult. But time flies incredibly fast, and I still do not feel like my age.