Jolan Viaud in last statement: I am not disappointed in Belarus

Jolan Viaud in last statement: I am not disappointed in Belarus

Today in Gomel, the court must pass sentence on French citizen Jolan Viaud, who tried to carry a cartridge through the Belarusian-Ukrainian border.

No one doubts that Jolan Viaud will be released today. After all, at the previous session, even the state prosecutor proposed, referring to a special article of the Criminal Code, to assign him a punishment below the stipulated minimum - namely, to fine the Frenchman about $3,450 and release home. Nevertheless, the judge took a break. And the defendant had to spend this weekend in jail.

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Today, the court session began with the last word of the accused.

"All my life I tried to be honest, respected the laws of my country of France and Great Britain, where I live, and any other country where my foot stepped. I had no intention of coming here and committing a crime, "Jolan said.

The young man said that he came to the country to visit his acquaintance.

But, despite the first negative experience, he said, he is not disappointed in Belarus, but touched by how careful unfamiliar people were. They sent parcels and letters with words of support.

"I like to travel because I love freedom. And I would never trade freedom for this souvenir. Once again I repeat that I had no intention of committing a crime. This period of imprisonment is, I think, sufficient, because I experienced so much fear, so much that it served me a good lesson...

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The court retired to the advisory room. The verdict will be announced in about an hour.

On September 21, Jolan was detained while leaving Belarus to Ukraine while passing customs control through the "red corridor": a cartridge was found among his belongings, which, according to the foreigner, was presented to him by his Polish friend.

The examination showed that the cartridge is genuine and could be used as an ammunition. So Viaud found himself behind bars. He is accused of illegal actions concerning firearms, ammunition and explosives and their illegal transfer across the border.

Photo: L'Express