Official opening of BelGee in Belarus: interesting facts

Official opening of BelGee in Belarus: interesting facts

The official start of BelGee automobile plant has been given on November 17, 2017. The plant is located in the Borisov district and on the first day of its work the firs car was manufactured. President Alexander Lukashenko participated in the opening of the Belarusian-Chines plant. What is more, the directors of the Chinese corporation Geely were there as well.

Before the opening of BelGee, Belarus assembled Geely cars with a set of limited function. The power of the new plant in the Borisov district is about 60 thousand cars per year. Certainly, this number can be doubled in the prospect. The symbolic ceremony began with pressing the red start button.

Only in 2.5 years the production line was created in Belarus. It would seem something impossible without the participation of the President and the warm relations between Belarus and China.

“It was my dream that Belarus would once be producing its own cars”, said Alexander Lukashenko.

“It happened to be so that our friends from China helped us to create this wonderful plant, and what is more, they invested into it”.

Geely is a live example of the Belarusian-Chines cooperation. Geely is a Chinese car, developed by Sweden, assembled in Belarus for the EEU market. The equipment for producing the automobiles is German, Japanese, Swiss and American. It means that the plant offer new working places.

Geely is considered to be one of the safest cars in China. Specialist emphasize that the Chinese quality is getting better and better. Some time ago Japanese, Korean products were criticized. However, today it is high time to get rid of the 1990’s stereotypes. The moto of Geely is “Let everyone have a perfect automobile”. The stress on the availability and quality made these cars popular in 50 countries. This is why Geely holds the leading position amongst the most available cars. Good price, a worthy level of comfort and a premium class design.

Geely cars are assembled in 12 minutes at the BelGee plant. When the plant starts assembling up to 60 thousand cars every year, the process will take up no more than four minutes. Nevertheless, there is no limit for perfection. The assembling process in China from the beginning to end takes only 80 seconds.

Before the end of 2017, BelGee Is planning to assemble a bit more than 1760 cars. The Bt is made for 2018. The plant can manufacture even up to 120 thousand cars a year, however, the area of the plant should double. It is also quite interesting to know that Geely bought an American company which develops flying automobiles. The startup is planning to present a developed model by 2019. BelGee for China is the first foreign full cycle production.

Those who want to buy Geely should expect them up for sale in the nearest couple of weeks.