Syria receives humanitarian aid from Belarus

Syria receives humanitarian aid from Belarus

As many as 25 tons of humanitarian aid from Belarus have been delivered to the Syrian port of Latakia on November 18, 2017. The Syrian side accepted the aid in the presence of the governor Ibrahim Salim. It is food, clothes, shoes for the victims of the military conflict of the country.

The Belarusian Ambassador of Belarus to Syria Alexander Ponomarev has commented on the issue.

“All in all 25 tons of food have been delivered: dried dairy mixtures, canned beef, about 3.5 thousand items of clothes, shoes of Belarusian manufacturers”, said Alexander Ponomarev.

According to the diplomat, the aid will be spread among three Syrian provinces: Latakia, Homs and Damascus. Children’s homes, migrants, churches and organizations which spread the aid will get it.

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Alexander Ponomarev also said that MAZ dumping trucks are also on their way to Syria and the will be delivered by sea to the port of Latakia.

The current situation in the Arab Republic is strained. As a result of the last blast in the province of Deir ez-Zor 35 people died.