MarkFormelle presents first ever unisex collection in Belarus


MarkFormelle presents first ever unisex collection in Belarus

The clothes brand MarkFormelle has presented its new unisex collection in Belarus on November 16, 2017. The collection was developed by a famous Italian designer Luciano Parisi.

Initially, MarkFormelle is a family business of Andrei Serikov and Svetlana Siparova. The brand was founded in 2009 and it was first orientated at designing underwear. However, today the brand produces home wear and clothes for active rest. Not once the company was accused of being sexist and objective to women’s underwear. MarkFormelle decided to design a collection of unisex clothes which are partially meant for men and women at the same time.

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Svetlana said that such an idea came to their mind when they met Luciano Parisi at the Belarusian Fashion Week in 2017. As a result, the prominent Italian designer developed a unisex collection and took up the position of MarkFormelle creative director. Parisi emphasized, that he wanted to create a collection which would unite the people of Belarus and Italy. For instance, the designer used the mutual colors of the two countries’ flags: red, green and white.

Despite being a unisex collection, still the clothes will be divided into men’s and women’s.

“Today fashion is built on men and women wearing similar clothes. We decided to create a collection as this one because it is stylish and it is trendy”, explains Svetlana Siparova.

MarkFormelle thinks that both men and women (50/50) will be interested in buying something out of this collection. However, may this collection not be a success?

“I don’t think that this collection will be popular”, says Svetlana.

“I feel that there are people who look for trendy clothes. It will certainly make the image of MarkFormelle more interesting”.

The clever and assortment marketing policy has influenced the growth of the sales of MarkFormelle this year. The company’s sales constantly grow, in 2016 the increase of revenues summed up to 35%. This year it is 30%.

It is also necessary to mention, that the chain of the brand has significantly expanded recently and now MarkFormelle has 150 shops in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia. The next large MarkFormelle store will be opened in “Green City” trading center in Minsk. What is more, the brand is continuing cooperation with different brands.

“Next year we are hoping to cooperate with Belarusian designers. I suppose that limited edition collections could be developed with them”, says Svetlana.