President Lukashenko comments on Belarus’ results at Fed Cup 2017 final


President Lukashenko comments on Belarus’ results at Fed Cup 2017 final

Belarus is renowned for being a sports country. At the previous weekend Minsk was hosting the Fed Cup 2017 final at Chizhovka Arena.

Before the tennis matches began, President Alexander Lukashenko personally wished the girls good luck and was among the fans on the tribunes. Journalists were interested whether the President is satisfied with the results of the matches.

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Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
If you had any emotions during these matches, multiply them by 100 or may be even by 1000 and you will then understand my emotions. My emotions are a lot more difficult and serious than the emotions of the girls’ parents. Because they are are my children, that are primarily. Secondly, I am the last one. They lost and you could have thought to yourselves with surprise or letdown, and then, comma separated, blame the President-it is what our people are used to.

Therefore, I am on the receiving end.

This is why my emotions are very difficult. What is more, I used to play tennis and understand this sport. I see silly mistakes team Belarus made, especially in the last final doubles match. We had all the chances to win.

Nevertheless, well done to the girls.

The 18-20 year old girls brought Americans-the trend setters in tennis-to Minsk. Belarusian girls gave a worthy resistance. It is thanks to the spirit these girls have. And we, men, are nothing. We play tennis badly, football, and we began plying ice hockey not very well as well. Therefore, all the hope was on these fragile shoulders, thank you for brining Americans to Belarus and livening things up here. Everything is quiet, good, somewhere it is not so good, and in this bad weather we all look dull. And here is an event like this! We can say with no doubts that the girls played a worthy game.