Poland releases Gdynia shooter from Belarus

Poland releases Gdynia shooter from Belarus

A Belarusian who was detained for shooting at the headquarters of the Thomson Reuters media company in Gdynia, was released from custody, reports Nasze Miasto. The name of the Belarusian was not officially voiced, but according to media reports, this is a native of Grodno Stepan Svidersky, who once left Belarus for Poland to study under the Kalinouski educational program.

Following the meeting of the regional court in Gdansk, Svidersky was released from custody. According to the prosecutor, at the current stage there will be no additional information, but he will appeal against the decision of the court.

It is noted that the court released Svidersky without any conditions (for example a written pledge not to leave the country).

The Belarusian consul earlier met with the man and said he is treated well.

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The Belarusian briefly communicated with Polish journalists: he repeated that he does not admit his guilt, and then left with his lawyer.

The 30-year-old Belarusian was detained on the evening of November 14 after he started shooting at colleagues in the office of the Reuters news agency in Gdynia. He managed to make two shots. The staff called an emergency service, and one of them neutralized the gunman. No one was hurt as a result of the incident.

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According to Radio Gdansk the Belarusian was charged with attempted murder, for which one can get a sentence up to life in prison, according to Polish laws.