Dutch fan causes fire in Minsk e-bus?

Dutch fan causes fire in Minsk e-bus?

New electric buses produced by Belkommunmash catch fire for the second time this autumn in Minsk. The company says the fans are to blame.

The first time the electric bus caught fire on September 14. No one was injured: the electric bus was not on the route. The fire damaged the roof and some other parts inside. Back then it was assumed that the reason was a short circuit of the electric lift.

On the morning of November 16, a second electric bus caught fire.

The fire was extinguished by the driver before rescuers arrived and passengers were not injured.

Belkommunmash said the ignition was due to the fans located in the cabin.

“Fans in both e-buses were installed in different places, but they are made by the same manufacturer - a Dutch firm. We thought that the first bus caught fire because of a reflashing but that was not confirmed. Now we will work with the supplier, probably, some incomprehensible materials were used. This should not happen,” said the director of the Belkommunmash scientific and production center, chief designer Oleg Bytsko.

Fans in the electric buses were shut off, but, according to the manufacturer, this will not affect the passengers: "At present, the fans are not needed, it's cold outside and now heating is on in transport, including in these e-buses."