Yelena Leuchanka: Fun facts about Belarusian basketball player


Yelena Leuchanka: Fun facts about Belarusian basketball player

First gym

It was in 2000, when I left for the USA. You go into the gym, you see a huge number of machines and do not understand anything. Besides, I still did not know English well, so my confusion could be understood. I was lucky to get acquainted with a fitness instructor from Ukraine, and then it went smoothly.

Different view on training after four years in China

My view on training changed after I played for Guangdong Dolphins. I came and got acquainted with our physical training coach. He said that we will go to the gym right after the games. I was shocked! Imagine, three games a week, constant moves throughout China, I spend 40 minutes on the court in every game, and then I must immediately go into the gym! We started a dialogue, in the end he convinced me. I appreciate professionalism in people.  You come for half an hour, maybe a little more.

The training is carefully planned, literally by the minute. As a rule, this is 3-4 exercises, three reps and 90% of the maximum weight that you can lift. Before that, you are thoroughly tested.  Very scrupulous approach, and each player has his own individual plan.

I consider this system to be completely justified, since no new injuries happened during that time, and the body is grateful to me.

Favorite exercise

Definitely my favorite is to train legs. Although I know many dislike it for some reason.

New directions in fitness

I am very interested in new directions in fitness! I try it all. High-speed training, and pilates, yoga, I also run, and ride a bicycle. I constantly leave the comfort zone, introduce some variety, but I always return to the gym.

Food preferences

Now I do not eat red meat. I prefer vegetable food, fish, I also cook myself. There are situations, for example, in China, when you face a choice - chicken legs or cheeseburger. Then I'll eat a cheeseburger. But you feel the difference right away, it's like bad gasoline.

I am glad that the nutrition culture is coming to my native Belarus, too. You can already find soy milk, coconut milk, and many other important products. I spent the last season in China with my pillow and a blender. It may seem ridiculous, but sleep is my main recovery, and food is fuel for good games.

I love pastries and muffins, but, I can eat them only in the morning.

New club in China

I am going to play in China. And this will be my fifth season there. My new team is from Sichuan Province. I do not know much about it. Briefly, a young team, a young coach and ambitious tasks. The city itself is big, if I'm not mistaken, almost 16 million people. In character it is similar to Moscow, and it is known, first of all, for its pandas.  I will also see these cutties when I have time. This season, the championship in China starts a month later - in mid-November.

If earlier the main round was played in the the South vs North format, now it will be a round-robin tournament and then a knockout phase. This means even more flights and hotels. I look at the schedule and I understand that the density of matches is just crazy. You fly and come immediately to the game. You don't have time for adaptation and acclimatization. But I'm ready for this. I want to play, I want more basketball.