What charges brought against Belarusian who shot in Poland?

What charges brought against Belarusian who shot in Poland?

The district prosecutor's office in Gdansk on November 16 brought charges against Belarusian Stepan Svidersky, who was detained on Tuesday after shooting in Gdynia.

A representative of the prosecutor's office said that the Belarusian was accused of attempted murder. The maximum penalty for this article is life imprisonment.

"Based on the collected evidence, it is known that the man made two shots and one of them was in the direction of the victim," said the representative of the prosecutor's office.

The 30-year-old Belarusian did not confess to the crime in which he is accused. He told the police his version of events, which the law enforcers are now checking.

The prosecutor decided to send a statement to the court on the temporary arrest of the detainee. The court will consider this statement on Friday, November 17.

It is reported that the incident was neither conflict nor revenge.

The prosecutor's office said that there was no interpersonal conflict between Stepan and the victim, they worked in the same building, but in different agencies.

The suspect had two weapons with him, which he had permission to. He shot with a pistol. No one was hurt during shooting.