3 Belarusian crews to partake in 2018 Dakar Rally

3 Belarusian crews to partake in 2018 Dakar Rally

Belarusian MAZ racers will be participating in the 40th installment of the Dakar Rally. It will take place on 6-20 of January, 2018 IN South America.

According to the pilot of “MAZ-SPORTavto” team Sergey Vyazovich, team Belarus will be presented by three crews at the rally. Sergey Vyazovich emphasized that all the three crews are capable of fighting for being amongst the best ten crews at the rally.

“Our team intends to fight for a prize place at the grand rally. We have everything, a team, machines; we are ready for the challenges”.

The distance of the current rally will be record breaking-four thousand kilometers. Nevertheless, the racers will have to overcome nine thousand kilometers travelling across shifting sands, mountain height and marshes.

Team Belarus thinks that it will be the most difficult rally over the last couple of years. The construction of MAZ trucks did not change very much, specialists worked on the engines and transmissions. Hopefully, the changes will only be an advantage for Belarusian racers.

The team of racers will stay unchanged. The first crew consists of leader Sergey Vyazovich, navigator Pavel Garanin and mechanic Andrei Zhigulin. Pilot Alexander Vasilevsky, navigator Dmitry Vikhrenko and mechanic Anton Zaporoshchenko are in the second team. Finally, the third crew will be represented by pilot Aleksei Vishnevsky, navigator Maksim Novikov and mechanic Andrei Neverovich.

In Minsk Belarusian racers will be preparing for the conditions of racing in high mountain regions, because part of the rally will be held some five thousand kilometers above the sea level. Team Belarus will have to compete with many other famous strong teams, among which are KamAZ, Petronas, Iveo, MAN, Tatra, Renault and others.

“We have many strong rivals at the rally. Nevertheless, in my opinion to get to the final at the Dakar Rally is good already”.

The Belarusian MAZ team will have an attacking strategy; all the three crews will be aiming at showing result. The racers will be trying to wing high positions. However, if necessary, the teams are ready to help one another during the rally.

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MAZ crews regularly participate in the Dakar Rally. The last rally was successful for Alexander Vasilevsky, his crew won the 6th position. What is more, all the three crews managed to make it to the finish.

Photo: belnaviny.by