Belarusian-born companies listed in Technology Fast 500 Rating

Belarusian-born companies listed in Technology Fast 500 Rating

The international consulting company Deloitte has published its annual Technology Fast 500 Rating. The rating has been summarized on the basis of the profit dynamics over the past five years. What is more, three companies with offices in Minsk have been listed in the popular rating.

The American company WorkFusion occupied the 143rd position in the rating. It was founded in Minsk in 2010 by Maks Yankelevich and Andrei Volkov. By the way, the main development center “WorkFusion systems” is located in Minsk. The increase in revenues over the past five years has summed up to 770%. WorkFusion offices are located all over the world: in London, Sidney, New York, and Singapore. At the beginning of the year he company attracted 35 million dollars of investments from a group of investors headed by the Georgian Partners fund.

A San Francisco company Fitbit settled down on the 157th position with a revenue increase of 700% over the last five years. It is interesting to know that the office “FitbitBel” was opened in Belarus’ capital in 2010 and since then it has been showing great achievements. The company sells fitness gadgets for sport lovers.

Last but not least is the company Oxagile. It was founded by two Belarusians Dmitry Karpovich and Sergei Marchuk as far back as in 2005. Its head office is located in New York; nevertheless, the company has regional and trading offices in Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and Australia. The revenue growth of Oxagile over the period summed up to 203%, when a year before it was 213% Currently, the company holds the 393rd position in the rating.

And the leader of the 2017 rating is an American domain register Donuts Inc.