Why French businesses want to invest in Belarus

Why French businesses want to invest in Belarus

Representatives of ten French industrial companies came to Belarus this week to assess the country's investment potential. "Belarus is now at a very good, 38th place in the Doing Business ranking, so why not to promote this market?" the businessmen explain. Among the most popular companies are manufacturers of helicopters Airbus Helicopters Vostok, alumina producers Alteo, suppliers of transponders for automatic payment of roads JT Finances, IT company Atos, manufacturer of spare parts for trucks La Fonte Ardennaise and others. Here are the most interesting things the businessmen said about Belarus.

Ambassador of France to Belarus Didier Canesse:

Our task is to attract the attention of French companies to the Belarusian market, to tell them about the opportunities that exist here, and to organize meetings with Belarusian partners. First, trade relations are created and only then will investments gradually come.

A good rating of Belarus in Doing Business and a good rating on the level of corruption in the country speak volumes. Belarus has moved very quickly. Moreover, now is a very suitable time for the entry of French companies into your market. After Belarus went through a recession, this year economic growth resumed. By the end of the year, GDP growth is expected at 1.8%.

Director of Strategy and Development at La Fonte Ardennaise:

We are not really represented in Belarus, we want to be represented here, we want to have the opportunity to work with BelAZ. The purpose of the visit is to conclude an agreement on the supply of spare parts with this enterprise. If we see that cooperation moves forward in a positive way, we will be ready to invest more and more.

Sales manager for Russia and the CIS of Breining-Secmair:

We would like to help Belarusian enterprises to increase the quality of Belarusian vehicles for road maintenance. Perhaps offering French equipment does not make much sense, since you already have facilities for its production and enough of your own equipment. But France could modernize and improve production. We need to determine how we will cooperate with Belarusian companies. While we are only exploring the potential. It takes a couple of months to study everything here, to try to understand how everything works and then we will have a plan. Our colleagues noted that Belarus has very good technical education and good specialists, who can be easily recruited for work.

JT Finances President:

This is my first visit to Belarus, I came to look for the potential to find out how Belarusian carriers are interested in my service. I would like to continue my development, cooperating with Belarusian carriers that work with the EU. I want to offer them the full range of services they will need in Europe. I have already met with the association of Belarusian road carriers BAMAP, as well as several other carriers. So far, I have had only positive feedback from my French colleagues who work here. I believe that for the French, Belarus is now a country in which you need to invest, where you need to go to until it's too late and someone else came. At the moment, I see no obstacles to the establishment of an enterprise in Belarus in accordance with the adopted scheme, so that Belarusian carriers pay their enterprise. It remains to be seen how easy it is for a foreigner to create an enterprise in Belarus. Perhaps within a year you will have our business in Belarus.

Director of sales for the French IT company Atos:

We met with representatives of the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and their forecasts are quite positive. The economy is developing. We try not to focus on the cons, but focus on the positive things. As for bureaucracy, it is everywhere, it's not a big problem. A year ago we opened an office in Minsk. We are positive in our forecasts and plan to continue our investments in Belarus. Belarus has the best programmers.

Deputy Director General of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

Belarus needs to be more open and represented wider in the international arena. You need to declare about yourself in the international arena, hold conferences and tell everyone about your prospects. French companies, as a rule, do not know anything about the potential, the population... They often do not know anything about Belarus. Such meetings, as a rule, help foreign business to study the Belarusian market.

Photo: bigrussia.org