Uber competitor leaves Belarus

Uber competitor leaves Belarus

The mobile service Taxify has left Belarus, said its curator Martin Willig.

One Minsker asked Taxify whether the application is working in Belarus and Willig answered as follows: "Unfortunately, no. Maybe again in the future."

The list of cities supported by Taxify does not currently have a single Belarusian city, although not so long ago Taxify appeared in Gomel, Grodno and Brest. 

Taxify appeared in 2013 in Estonia. Later it expanded to Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Georgia and Finland. In March 2015, the service came to Belarus, starting with Gomel. At the time of opening about 100 taxi drivers cooperated with the service, and during the first two months of work, 4,000 passengers registered in the application.

Taxify works only with legal taxi drivers with the support of dispatch services. 

It cannot calculate the cost of a trip in advance. You can pay Taxify in cash or by credit card.


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