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The big smoking mistake in Belarus

Belarus has introduced scary pictures on cigarette packs to deter smokers from this bad habit. However, a mistake creeped into these new measures. A language mistake has caused Belarusian internet users to laugh to tears.

The pictures are accompanied by inscriptions in the Belarusian language. Most of Belarus population are Russian speakers and find it a bit hard to pick difficult words in Belarusian. Maybe it was hard for translators, but here is what they wrote.

In one of the pictures, the Ministry of Health predicts "martyr's death", incorrectly translating from the Russian language the expression "extremely painful death". In Belarusian the word "pakutnickaja" means "martyr's". The correct way is "pakutlivaja" (“extremely painful”).

The error is not only amusing, but also very critical, writes, the Catholic website. Martyrdom is one of the reasons for recognizing a person as a saint among Catholics and in Christianity in general. But as you know smoking does not bring anything good except for harm to health.

The big smoking mistake in Belarus