Belarusian sentenced for Islamic State propaganda

Belarusian sentenced for Islamic State propaganda

A 34 year old citizen of Polotsk has been sentenced to 12 years in a prison with strict regime for being a follower of the terrorist organization “Islamic State”.

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The Vitebsk Regional Court established that in 2013 the sentenced travelled to Germany where he met with asylum seekers from Dagestan and Chechnya. After communicating with residents of these republics, the 34 year old changed his religion and converted to Sunni Islam, which doesn’t tolerate other religion and other forms of Islam, it supports the ideology of the “Islamic State” and armed “jihad” against those who are not Muslims.

The sentenced promoted extremism through social networks in Germany, which caused negative feelings against those who do not follow Islam. In 2015 he was deported to Belarus, however, he continued distributing information through social networks, which was aimed at causing conflicts between religious groups.

In 2016 he was actively surfing the internet for getting information on how to make explosives and bombs. At the end of the same year he made an explosive which he kept in his flat. What I more, part for making another explosive was found in the same flat.

Besides being a supporter of Sunni Islam, the sentenced distributed pornography through the social network Vkontakte by sending it to other users. The court’s sentence is not final and can be appealed.