Belarusian may face life sentence for shooting in Poland's Reuters office

Belarusian may face life sentence for shooting in Poland's Reuters office

The Belarusian who opened fire at Thomson Reuters headquarters in Gdynia, Poland may face a life sentence in prison. This was announced by the Gdynia district prosecution office.

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The 30 year old Belarusian Stepan Svidersky was detained at Thompson Reuters office in Gdynia where he used to work. According to one of the versions of the investigation, he came to the office with a gun. Panic began when people saw weapons. When trying to neutralize the man, several shots were fired. However, it is not the final version of the investigation.

It is also known that Stepan was suspended from the Belarusian State University after the protests of 2006, then he studied in Poland and obtained education in history.

Stepan Svidersky has been charged and now he is under suspicion. According to the article “Attempt to murder”, he may face from 8 to 25 years of prison, what is more, he may face a life sentence.

Currently, Stepan Svidersky is in custody and in accordance with some information resources, he might be charged with the committed crime in the first half of the day on November 16, 2017. At the moment Polish law enforcement agencies are finding out whether the Belarusian has Polish citizenship.


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