Belarusian body modificator about his unusual experiment

Belarusian body modificator about his unusual experiment

A 25 year old man with a famous name and surname Lev Tolstoy is a body modificator from a Belarusian town Baranovichi. Lev is his real name now, but when 14 he had a different name. He just likes it. And so that people memorize his name better, he decided to take up the surname Tolstoy-just as the famous Russian classic. Despite his unusual appearance, the young man drew attention towards himself by not wearing shoes wherever he goes and no matter what season of the year it is.

What is the aim of the experiment?

“I wouldn’t advise anyone do what I do, it is an experiment which is not over yet. But if you really want to try and go for it, it is better to experiment in the summer months and you should take a pair of shoes, wipes and plasters with you just in case”, explains the young man.

"I got used to it in some three or five days, but if you then start wearing shoes, all your efforts can be thrown away and you have to start all over again.

I am trying to find out whether a Belarusian can walk barefoot all year round in the country. It is interesting for me to find out what our bodies do. At the moment I can’t say that the experiment has been 100% successful, because I walk barefoot not all the time. As soon as the temperature outside drops down to -7 and even -10, I put my shoes on”.

This is not the first year Lev is carrying this experiment out. He has been doing it since June 2015; nevertheless, he stopped several times and adjusted it.

“This winter I want to see whether I will be able to walk without shoes on when it will be -20 outside. If I am successful, I will be doing it for the rest of my life”, smiles Lev. “I am even planning to suggest some people to try it, I will be giving them theory and even give lectures on healthy way of life. If I am able to walk barefoot for at least one hour when it is -25 outside, then my experiment will be over”.

Lev’s other unusual experiments

Lev did not only experiment walking barefoot in the streets, he also tried wearing traditional Scottish costumes, he wore a kilt without underwear as it should be. He used to be a vegetarian and then became a vegan, now it is all his life. “There are people who share my opinion on life, but they are my friends, who live the same life I do. Some of my friends tried walking barefoot for several days in summer and all of them had different feedback. The main thing is to go for it and the conditions you live in”.

Why doesn’t Lev like being photographed?

Despite having such an unusual appearance and way of living, Lev doesn’t like being photographed. “People very often take photos of me in the metro. Not always these photos are online then. Some young people try to impress their friends and my photos appear on the internet. Some take photos of me to impress their family. They usually do it without me seeing it. Only few come up to me and ask for a photo and why I walk barefoot. If they come up to me, I let them take photos of me, if they try to do it without me seeing it, I come up to them and make them delete the photograph”.

Is it easy to travel barefoot around Belarus?

“I often hitchhike around Belarus, the infrastructure for barefoot people is not bad but it could be better. Many roads still have to be repaired. However, at the moment I enjoy walking in parks and in green zones. My friends and I enjoy picnicking and I go there barefoot without any fears”.