Eurovision star's father detanied in Belarus

Eurovision star's father detanied in Belarus

On Wednesday, Belarusian media reported on the arrest of businessman and father of the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest Ksenia Sitnik – Mikhail Sitnik.

Damage from the actions of Sitnik's company Imobylinvest amounted to about $450,000, said on Wednesday the State Control Committee of Belarus (SCC).

A criminal investigation was opened by the Financial Investigation Department of the State Control Committee.

The committee said questions were raised about the construction of a sports and health complex in Minsk, at the intersection of vulica Rafijeva and vulica Bialeckaha. Two officials of ImobolinInvest are suspected of embezzlement by abuse of official authority.

The opening of the sports complex has been postponed already several times.

"During construction, in order to implement the project, the company on a contractual basis (through investment contracts, preliminary sales contracts and loan agreements) attracted funds from individuals and legal entities who intended to purchase non-residential premises in the sports complex," the SCC said.

However, the company later once again sold the facilities under construction - several times to different people. Contracts were concluded for the sale of 7,300 square meters, although the project area of ​​the sports complex is a little more than 5,000 square meters.

Only one of the suspects was taken into custody - Mikhail Sitnik. The name of the second figurant of the case is not yet known.

Ksenia Sitnik has declined to comment on the case. Sitnik won the Junior Eurovision in 2005. Belarus later won another victory thanks to Alexei Zhygalkovich in 2007. Belarus has been chosen to be the capital of Junior Eurovision 2018.