Belarusian opens fire in Poland's Reuters office

Belarusian opens fire in Poland's Reuters office

A 30-year-old man opened fire at Thomson Reuters headquarters in Gdynia. As Radio Gdansk reports citing the employees who wished to remain anonymous, a person entered the office at 9pm Minsk time. He was armed.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

People who were in the building stopped the attacker. According to some reports, the gunman was stopped by a man after several blows. He was handed over to the police.

According to the police, the shooter is a citizen of Belarus. He worked in this agency and was responsible for releases of companies in the database.

Colleagues described him as a closed and uncommunicative person.

Gazeta Wyborcza reports that the man was fond of shooting. He even took part in a competitions of shooters.

There is a version that what happened by accident.

The man returned from training and showed the weapon to one of his colleagues. Panic began when people saw weapons. When trying to neutralize the man, several shots were fired.

The man's name is Stepan and, according to his friends, he is not aggressive at all, as some describe.


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