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Belarusian hockey star's daughter starting singing career

Anna is 11 years old, but she already sings incredibly!

After completing his playing career Alexei Kalyuzhny cannot decide on the place of work. He is rumored to join HC Yunost, the Belarus national team or some other teams. However, now he has time to spend with the family. And he hardly regrets it.

Recently, Alexei and his wife Maria took their daughter Anna to Ukraine on the TV show "Voice. Children".

The girl presented herself simply: "My daddy is a legend of Belarusian ice hockey and a role model for me."

At the contest, Kalyuzhny's daughter sang the song Unstoppable of Sia. The audience loved it and Anna went to the next round.

Do you like how she sings?

Alexei Kalyuzhnyi's daughter sings Unstoppable at Voice. Children show in Ukraine