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Belarus' star Alexander Hleb to launch coaching career

Belarusian football start Alexander Hleb has shared his future plans with the CTV Channel. The six-time winner of the title "Best Footballer of Belarus" and winner of the UEFA Champions League is mulling over starting coaching career.

Please tell us about your plans for the future.

Alexander Hleb:
In the first place is my family. I have also signed a contract with the Russian channel Match TV. For me, this is something new - I participate in the program as an expert.

I also want to go to coaching courses - they begin in February 2018. I am still thinking about playing football, too. Maybe for a year.

Are you going to go to the World Cup in Russia as a spectator? Is it interesting for you?

Alexander Hleb:
Honestly, I am not interesting in going somewhere.

Have you never been to any football match as a spectator?
No, of course, I watched football games as a spectator. But I have never wanted to go anywhere specifically to watch football.

Alexander Hleb to take coaching career