Was Sabalenka/Sasnovich duo in Fed Cup final the right decision?


Was Sabalenka/Sasnovich duo in Fed Cup final the right decision?

Belarusian journalist Boris Tasman has criticized the decision of captain of the Belarus national tennis team Eduard Dobrov to pick Aryna Sabalenka and Aliaksandra Sasnovich for the doubles match of the Federation Cup final against the USA.

"The decision of our captain Eduard Dubrov to pick the duo of Sasnovich and Sabalenka surprised me, to put it mildly. I did not have a doubt that Sasnovich would play since she has just won. But the choice of Aryna, who does not play doubles, looks strange.

In the first set there was an impression that she hardly understands what to do, what was happening. Gradually, with the help of the patient and smart Sasha, Aryna finally found her play, but still looked like a weak link.

It's hard to believe that the experienced Dubrov came up with such a squad himself. This is despite the fact that he had benchwarmers Vera Lapko and Lidzia Marozova, who were eager to play, too.

However, if this is a miscalculation, then it was almost the only one in the actions of the Belarusian guru. Other than this error, he acted impeccably, in a fatherly way, instructing and encouraging his talented charges. Often after pauses between games, the girls, especially Sabalenka, turned the play around," Tasman writes.