US journalist at Fed Cup final: I like Belarus' hospitality


US journalist at Fed Cup final: I like Belarus' hospitality

How do you like the final?

It turned out to be fascinating. For both teams, it was an endurance test. A fascinating plot: first Sasnovich came back and made it 2:2 and then our team won in the second set of the doubles meeting. The heat was felt throughout the match. Belarus has a very strong team. Your girls are real fighters, and Americans too.

Is there much attention to the Fed Cup in the USA?

Yes. In the press, the match with the Belarusians is widely covered, and our media pays much attention to the victory.

How do you like Minsk?

I'm in Belarus for the first time. Earlier the closest country to Belarus that I visited was Poland. I really like Europe - and your country as well. Here are very hospitable people, who accepted us with all their heart. It's a pity I didn't have time to see the city. I was very busy, there was not enough time for tours.

The match was attended by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. If the final was held in the USA, would Donald Trump come to watch it?

Hardly. I do not know, maybe Trump is interested in tennis, but I did not see him at the US Open. I do not think that our president watched the Minsk match on TV either. He has so many other things to do...

If Victoria Azarenka played for Belarus, would the outcome be different?

I have never seen her play, but I heard that she is a very strong tennis player. It's not easy to fight with her, and Azarenka's presence would definitely add to the energy of your team.

And what about Sasnovich and Sabalenka?

Oh, these girls can go far. Aryna is very fast. Watching her serves and energy was fascinating. Alexandra is also fast, but at the same time smart. Honestly, I did not know anything about these tennis players before. I saw them for the first time at an official dinner with the participation of both teams, which took place before the match. But I knew that Azarenka would not come and different players will be picked.

How do you like the atmosphere at Chizhovka Arena?

It impressed me! The match was sold out. It is clear that the Belarusian audience supported their team - it has loyal fans. But the USA also had our own support group. Even if small, a couple dozen people, however, these people took the time and money to fly to Belarus and, in my opinion, behaved actively in the stands. Belarusian fans gave such powerful energy... So if there were no fans from the USA at all at Chizhovka Arena, the US players would have a hard time.