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Belarusian too slim to win Miss World Plus Size 2017

32-year-old Yevgenia Tyuleneva became fourth at an international beauty competition, and received the title of "Miss Style".

The main crown went to the representative of the Philippines, the second place was won by Latvia.

After the award ceremony Yevgenia joked that "she has not eaten enough for first place."

Belarus for the first time took part in such a contest. Plus size are models with clothes ranging in size from 42 to 54 and having the proportional figure.

"My size from 48 to 52," says Yevgenia. She was director of an energy company, but left to develop in fashion world. Now Yevgenia Tsyulevena is registering the cultural and educational center of Alesya Ponomarenko in order to engage in charity. Yevgenia is also planning to write a book.

The contest was held from 8 to 13 November in Singapore. Taking part in it were 15 girls whose clothing size starts from 48.

Belarusian wins Miss Style at Miss World Plus Size 2017