Vandeweghe relative on USA's Fed Cup win and Belarus


Vandeweghe relative on USA's Fed Cup win and Belarus

The cousin grandfather of the American tennis player CoCo Vandeweghe, Gary, visited the Fed Cup final match at Chizhovka Arena in Minsk.

"On Thursday I flew from California to Belarus to get to this final and watch the tennis of my grandniece. We have a whole support group here: friends of Coco, a few more relatives. We are in touch every day talking about our family, discussing funny stories, but not tennis.

Of course, Coco is a famous tennis player, but not the main star in the family. For example, her grandmother won the contest Miss America, my mother performed at the Olympics in swimming competitions, my grandfather was a player of the National Basketball Association for many years, and my uncle was the general manager of an NBA club."

Gary Vandeweghe enthusiastically gave compliments to Belarus, Minsk and local residents.

"I was struck by the amazing Minsk that you managed to rebuild after the Soviet era. Stalin's architecture is rather gray, cumbersome and monotonous. But modern Minsk has turned into an amazing place.

I confess I thought that the Belarusians are unhurried people immersed in their problems, but everywhere I meet energetic, busy and happy people.

Your eyes are glowing. Belarusian women are great! I cannot say the same about all men, but women are a delight. If you had California weather here, there would be sheer happiness here," the pensioner said smiling.

Kathy Rinaldi shared her impressions about Chizhovka Arena: "The Belarusian team proved to be very strong.

Coaches and fans should be proud of you, you hear, girls?" the captain asked the Belarusian tennis players at the award ceremony.

"And special thanks to the public for their support. We could not even dream of a better atmosphere," Rinaldi added.

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Photo: US Embassy in Belarus