Pintér: Pope intends to visit Belarus

Pintér: Pope intends to visit Belarus

Archbishop Gabor Pinter, Apostolic Nuncio in Belarus, received a private audience with the Pope of Rome Francis on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Belarus.

Gabor Pinter called relations between Belarus and the Vatican excellent, although there are still "issues that need to be addressed."

During the meeting, the possible visit of the Pope to Belarus was also discussed.

In his comments Pinter revealed the details: "We are working hard to make the visit possible. I want to ask everyone to pray for this, since the situation is not quite perfect, but we hope that soon this moment will come. Everyone wants this, we all want it."

The Hierarch added that the Pope surprised him with his profound knowledge of the situation in Belarus.

"To my great delight, the Pope is very well informed about Belarus. Of course, I knew about this, since last year we talked with him, after my appointment, and I had the opportunity to make sure he was well informed. But this time I was struck by the fact that his knowledge is very detailed and profound. The Pope is following the events in Belarus with great attention," the Apostolic Nuncio shared his impressions.