Tennis coach Kobzar about training in Belarus


Tennis coach Kobzar about training in Belarus

Tennis player Ivan Kobzar has shared his opinion on the advantages of training in Belarus and spoke about Aryna Sabalenka.

It is quite difficult to bring up a tennis “star” in Belarus. An athlete should go to the USA or to some other country and train there. I it really so?

Ivan Kobzar, master of sports of the Republic of Belarus in tennis, coach:
I certainly do not think so, because I myself trained in many academies abroad. I can say that 99% f academies are aimed at earning money. In Europe and the entire world. Yes, if you go there already being a “star” and you play very well, all the conditions will be rendered to you there. However.

Tennis players can perfectly well train in Belarus today and achieve results.

The ideal variant for winter months is to spend the time abroad, when you are a bit older. For instance December and January or January and February. Because during these months there is a lack of sun in Belarus and there are not many vitamins.

Training at indoor courts is not the same?

Ivan Kobzar:
The process is the same but the problem is in ecology. If there was much sun in Belarus, tennis players could constantly be training at indoor courts. It would be ideal. Or to go to training camps in southern countries at least twice a year. However, we already have great result. Aryna Sabalenka trained here all the time, she did not go abroad to train and today she holds the 76th position of the WTA rating. She is TOP level tennis player already.

Vera Lapko is about to become one.