Design project of “Vokzalnaya” station presented in Minsk

Design project of “Vokzalnaya” station presented in Minsk

The third line of Minsk metropolitan is currently being built in Belarus’ capital. The building works began in 2013 and the first stations are planned to be put into service as soon as in 2019.

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On November 9, 2017 the Palace of Art in Minsk hosted the 12th National Festiavl of Architecture, where the design of the future metro station “Vokzalnaya” was presented. It is not a secret that there were several projects of the design of the station.

The previous project of Alexander Yakubets (a graduate of the Belarusian National Technical University), there should have been silver- white circle and ellipse columns along the station’s platform with green flutes. And the ceiling of the new stations should have had elements of red constructions.

However, two designers Alexander Yakubets and Vladimir Telepnev have now changed the project of the station’s design. The columns will be silver and circular without any flutes, the green and the red colors will be substituted y blue, navy and even black. What is more, “Vokzalnaya” station will have a decorative construction in a shape of tree. At the moment it is not known what it is meant to symbolize, however, it will be an attraction for people travelling through this station.

Transport forums have been writing about the design style of Vladimir Telepnev. Metal columns and massive metal rails near the very ground. This style got a name “telepnina” after the designer’s surname.