Azarenka plans returning to tennis in 2018


Azarenka plans returning to tennis in 2018

Prominent Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka gave birth to her son Leo at the end of 2016. Nevertheless, she did not forget about sport.

She returned back to the tennis court fairly quickly and reached the 1/8 final of Wimbledon of the same year. In the match Victoria lost to Simona Halep. It seemed that Victoria will return back to the big sport very soon and will show what she. Her performance at the Grand Slam tournament allowed her to move to the 203rd position in the WTA rating from the 683rd position.

The U.S. Open was ahead, prestigious and commercial tournaments. What is more, she was expected to participate in the Fed Cup 2017 final in Minsk. Nevertheless, fortune was not on the famous tennis player’s side. She separated with the father of her son; he then accused her of kidnapping the child. The situation was very stressful for Azarenka. Therefore, she couldn’t prepare for the tournaments well enough and refused to partake in most of them.

Victoria’s life has certainly changed, it changed her physical state and many have noticed that she has lost some weight. Today she tries to spend most of her free time with her son. They go shopping together, go to the park and she even takes Leo to her trainings. Despite the current family problems, Azarenka is hoping to return to the tennis court next year being even stronger than before. She is now continuing to train very hard.

Returning back to the Fed Cup 2017 final, THE Belarusian national tennis team was hoping till the very last moment that Victoria will be taking part in the tournament. But the captain of the team Eduard Dubrou felt uncertain about her taking part in the grand tournament, he felt worried about her condition and the absence of playing on the courts for a long period of time.

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In the end Victoria couldn’t make it to Minsk for the Fed Cup 2017 final. She promised that she would be supporting her team with all her heart from California.