Sabalenka comments on Stephens game in Fed Cup


Sabalenka comments on Stephens game in Fed Cup

Aryna Sabalenka, world number 78, has shared emotions after she beat world number 13 Sloane Stephens in the Fed Cup final (rubber 2).

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- This is the first time you have brought your national team points on day 1. This came in a situation where it was necessary to win or your changes would significantly drop. How did you manage to do this?

- There was a competition against myself. I do not take the game itself, but I take emotions. It is really difficult to go to the court when the team is behind. Sasha [Sasnovich] did not manage to win, unfortunately. But she fought, she did everything she could. I was responsible for bringing that point Belarus badly needed. Everyone says: "Final is a good result for Belarus". But no, we do not want to be satisfied with this. There were a lot of emotions, with them there was a fight. I think I managed to tame these crazy emotions, and tomorrow this will not happen.

After these words, Belarus coach Eduard Dubrov smiled at Aryna and pat her on the shoulder.

- And how exactly did you cope with emotions?

- I do not know. She just walked around and said to myself: "Come on, come on!" Play into the court play, on the other side. Let her run!"

"We can do anything, but it's God that decides." We'll wait for Sunday," the captain added to Aryna's words.

- I just looked at my coach, he showed me that everything is all right. This is how I coped.

I needed to "disconnect" from what was happening after the second set, because the second set was a failure. I needed to walk away from the court for a couple of minutes and retune. The system was broken and I needed to reconfigure it.

Photo: REUTERS, Vasily Fedosenko