Do you need to fill out migration card entering Belarus?


Do you need to fill out migration card entering Belarus?

Foreign citizens entering and leaving Belarus will not fill out the migration cards if they are not going to travel to Russia, the Belarus Parliament said.

This provision is among the amendments and additions to the agreement between Belarus and Russia regarding the use of a single migration card, which the two countries share. The Protocol on Amendments was ratified by Belarus.

The competent authorities of Belarus and Russia have appropriate databases thanks to which they can verify information about foreign citizens who temporarily enter Belarus. This will simplify the procedure for crossing the border.

Non-Belarusian and non-Russian nationals flying from Belarus to Russia will have to undergo border control upon arrival in Russian airports.

This does not apply to Belarusian nationals, who are considered citizens of the Belarus-Russia Union State and therefore are exempt from any checks upon arrival in Russia.

It is advisable to save boarding passes from your flights from Belarus to Russia, just in case.