Spring-summer 2018 collections at Belarus Fashion Week

Spring-summer 2018 collections at Belarus Fashion Week

From October 24 to October 29, collections of designer clothes of the spring-summer season 2018 were presented on the main podium of Belarus - Fashion Week.

From October 24 to October 29, collections of designer clothes of the spring-summer season 2018 were presented on the main podium of Belarus - Fashion Week.

In this season, partners of the international project Belarus Fashion Week were big companies and brands: Huawei, Velcom, Nescafe Gold , the official make-up artist - Mary Kay® company. Partners: the Swiss watch brand Elixa, Pepsi Black.

Belarus Fashion Week included not only demonstrations of collections of leading designers from Belarus and abroad, but also press conferences, an educational forum, presentations, parties and other events.

For six years, the Belarusian Fashion Week has been successfully gathered producers, buyers and representatives of the fashion industry for professional communication, discussions of cooperation and presenting the activities and development of this industry in the country and abroad.

The head of the Belarus Fashion Week, Yanina Goncharova, noted that "Belarusian fashion is becoming more popular with Belarusian consumers every year, and the number of emerging fashion brands shows a great interest in fashion among young entrepreneurs."

Despite most of the events were held on weekdays, there were no empty seats in the hall, which once again confirms the great interest in Belarusian fashion.

At Belarus Fashion Week, new collections were presented by such labels as Lakbi, EMSE, Alena Goretskaya, TON-IN-TON, Svetlana Todorskaya, Coo Culte x Huawei, Condra Deluxe, DeVita, Candy Lady, NELVA, Historia Naturalis, T. Efremova, UNONA, Vesnaletto, Natalia Korzh, Boitsik, Davidova, S. Veles, Anna-Maria Eglit, Comintern.

There were also shows of children's fashion KIDS FASHION DAYS BFW.

A SHOWROOM worked at Belarusian Fashion Week, where large buyers, media representatives and guests could learn more about the new collections of Belarusian brands.

The 15th BFW season was marked by wide-format international cooperation. A joint display of Italian designers within the framework of the 9th season of the Moda Italia project brought together many guests, representatives of business circles, and potential clients. Shows of such brands as Corso Principe, Max Fort and Sophia, Patrizia Parma, Sexy Woman, Totti Swimwear, Absolut Joy, and Twins Florence were dynamic and in the Italian manner of easy self-irony and self-esteem.

Business meetings with representatives of large trade networks from all over Belarus were held after the demonstrations on the Moda Italia showroom.

It is communication in the b2b format that allows Italian brands to expand their presence in the Belarusian market, which is the main goal of the project.

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On the podium of the Fashion Week the collections of foreign guests were also presented: the family brand LONGSHAW WARD (wife Kirsty Ward and David Longshow, Great Britain), German designer Danny Reinke, Lithuanian designer Skaistė Bružaitė (SB Linija), English-Russian duo Hope and Betty, brand BIZARRRE, Russian designers Anna Sapon, Marina Gurvich and Adele Kurnosova.

Every year, demonstrations with the support of embassies gather respectful and honorary audience: heads and representatives of ministries and other government bodies, international guests, embassy representatives, and the press.

The educational forum "Fashion is my profession" attracted the attention of the audience with the speeches of international speakers - professionals of the fashion world: Nadezhda Zhuravlyova, Fashion Faculty (Russia); Bogban Enica, Fashion Law (Canada); designer of the brand Fabryan (Great Britain).

Participants learned from Matteo Bardi (Italy) how to work as a designer at the international level, talked about the specifics of building a fashion business with Tatyana Medovnikova (Russia), and asked fashion critic, producer, doctor Marcellous Jones (France) a lot of interesting questions.

Photos: Belarus Fashion Week website