Osveysky reserve: a place to rest and enjoy nature

Osveysky reserve: a place to rest and enjoy nature

Belarus has always been famous for its beautiful nature, green forests, blue lakes and rivers, picturesque landscapes. The Osveysky reserve is a place where all of this can be seen.

In the northern part of the Verkhnedvinsk district, which is in the Vitebsk region, Osveysky reserve is located. People from all over Belarus and even foreign countries come here to do some finishing, rest and spend a relaxing time.

Some 30% of the territory of the reserve is covered with green forest. What is more, the water system of the reserve is rather dense, it includes numerous lakes, rivers and canals.

The “main” lake of the reserve is Lake Osveyskoye, this is where the reserve gets its name. It is the second largest lake on the territory of Belarus and occupies an area of about 5 thousand hectares with an average depth of two meters. The lake is very picturesque. Besides Lake Osveyskoye, lakes Disna and Beloye are located on the territory of the reserve.

The Osveysky reserve is very rich in wildlife; it has 164 species of birds, 44 of which are included into the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. It will also be interesting to know, that some three species of mammals living in the reserve are listed into the Red Book as well. And they are brown bears, badgers and lynxes.

Seeing rare plants species in the reserve is not unusual. Hybrids of black and speckled alder, whitewater lilies, Karelian birches can be seen there. They are not as big, but the main plus is that they are populated with many species of fish as roaches, carps, pikes, trenches and many more.

Certainly, being rich in nature, in plants, lakes, rivers and forests, the reserve is a good platform for the development of ecotourism. The place has various bird watching platforms, hiking paths and places of rest for tourists. It will also be interesting to know that horse riding paths are being developed in the reserve.

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Besides the fascinating nature, the reserve is rich in historical sites. Some 28 historical and nine archeological monuments of the Osveysky reserve are listed into the national protection list. The monastery hospital, built in 1759, the ruins of Shadursky Castle, and the Romance-style landscape park in the nearby settlement of Osveya are only few of those attractions which are a must to see in the reserve.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Belarusian nature, relax and rest from the busy city life, then the Osveysky nature reserve is just the place for you to visit.

Photo: bahna.land