President Lukashenko expected to attend Fed Cup 2017 final


President Lukashenko expected to attend Fed Cup 2017 final

The USA women's tennis team has come to Minsk to take part in the Federation Cup final against Belarus. The match will be held on 11-12 November at Chizhovka Arena.

Before such tennis matches begin, President Lukashenko traditionally talks to the Belarusian athletes, empowers them and wishes good like in the match. One of the examples is when Alexander Lukashenko talked to the tennis players in the changing room before the half final against the Netherlands.

Alexander Lukashenko loves attending tennis matches. The captain of Belarus women’s tennis team Eduard Dubrou thinks that the matches without the President won’t have the atmosphere when he is present at them. The captain of the women’s tennis team emphasized that the President “likes to come to the changing room and liven the tennis players up”. What is more, Eduard Dubrou made a guess that Alexander Lukashenko will be attending the Fed Cup 2017 final.

“We are used to the fact that the President attends tennis matches. He likes to come to the changing room and liven the girls up. I suppose that the President will attend the final this time as well”, said Eduard Dubrou.

During the traditional press-conference before the tournament, the captain of Belarus women’ tennis team also commented on the preparations for the tournament.

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“Our team was studying American tennis players, the way they behave on the tennis court. When all the information was processed, we then passed it on to our tennis players. When a tennis player goes onto the court, he must know against whom he is playing. Our team has prepared well for the tournament, Aryna Sabalenka played against Maria Sharapova not so long in a prestigious tournament and reached a record-breaking 130th position in the WTA rating. Lidziya Marozava is a very strong doubles player. We have good team spirit”.

Eduard Dubrou had also emphasized that the team is not thinking about victory, the tennis players will just go out into the court and play. Therefore, it is difficult for him to estimate the chances of team Belarus winning.

“I am grateful to the captain for giving me an opportunity to represent Belarus once gain,” says Lidziya Marozava.

“I did have a serious break in my career, however, today I am 100% ready to take the effort and give the team everything I can. I am simply enjoying the atmosphere, talking to the girls and our captain”.

Besides training and getting used to Belarus’ time belt, the USA tennis players have got acquainted with Minsk.

“The upcoming match for me is new experience,” explains USA tennis player Coco Vandeweghe.

“I am not acquainted with the Belarusian team well enough. During our stay in Minsk, I had time to visit a museum and was fascinated by its appearance, though I do not remember the name of it.”

The opening ceremony of the Fed Cup 2017 final will take place at Chizhovka Arena on November 11 at 2:30 pm. After the ceremony, two singles will be held there.

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Photo: Denis Kostyuchenko,