Rinaldi press conference ahead of Fed Cup 2017 final in Minsk


Rinaldi press conference ahead of Fed Cup 2017 final in Minsk

The Belarus v USA match will be a tie of equal rivals, said coach of the USA team Kathy Rinaldi on November 8. Belarus captain Eduard Dubrou also spoke at the press conference.

“Belarus' girls are upbeat ahead of the Fed Cup final," said Eduard Dubrou.

The final, in which Belarus take on the United States, will be held November 11-12 at Chizhovka Arena.

"Strangely enough, the mood is very good," said Dubrou. "It's encouraging. No one will leave Minsk without a battle."

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According to Eduard Dubrou, like in football, tennis players have a peak form, so the task of the coaching staff is to ensure the players are in their top shape ahead of the upcoming match.

Dubrou could not say who the favorites of the final are.

"Tennis players plays against themselves actually, this is not boxing," he explained.

"We are studying the opponent, we know where they play better and where worse. I will pass all the data to the players so that they know where to run. We need to go out and think where to play instead of how to do it."

Answering the question of foreign journalists, whether the team is weakened by Victoria Azarenka's absence, Dubrou referred to her address to the fans, published on the eve on Twitter.

The athlete explained that she could not fly to Minsk for family reasons (a lawsuit with a former boyfriend for the right to raise their common child) and is forced to stay in California. "She wanted to participate and hopes that in the future she will be able to be on the team," said the captain.

Coach of the USA team Kathy Rinaldi said at the press conference that this will be a match of equal rivals.

"There are a lot of strong tennis players in the USA, but this team is equally strong and technical," Rinaldi said. "We believe in each of the four athletes."

"We have studied the game of the Belarusian team, it plays at a fairly good level," said the captain.

Funny moment as interpreter fails to do his job properly

Pressball journalist: "Question to the US captain. Your Belarusian counterpart kindly envied your position. You can afford to choose from a large number of strong tennis players, you even have the entire second line-up from the top 60 of the WTA. However, you include an athlete who has lost in all matches after the US Open, and do not include the recent finalist of the WTA tournament. What principles did you use to determine the squad for the final, why don't we see such players as Williams, Keys and McHale in Minsk?"

However, the interpreter translated the question into English in the following way completely changing its meaning: "Why did you choose not to bring to Minsk the strongest squad while you have a lot of high-class performers at your disposal?"

The US team greeted the translation with a burst of homeric laughter. 

Sloane Stephens said: "Hey, I'm still the champion of the US Open" and Coco Vandevege uttered: "Hey, I'm still world No.10!" 

The US captain herself, who at that moment looked like a kindergarten teacher, decided to teach the journalist, who started to understand that the translation of his question was completely wrong: 

"Believe me, there are very strong tennis players in front of you, we brought the best team. We hope to show quality tennis in Minsk."


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